Explore System Identification

1. Learn about System Identification

Be the analyst and learn everything you need to know to start building models of dynamical processes.

  • Learn from the basics
  • ERA and OKID in details
  • Great visuals and support documents

2. Perform customized simulations

Discover the field of applied system identification by performing simulations that are 100% customizable!

  • Define all the parameters yourself
  • Build your own linear system
  • Access to all the identification details

3. Apply our algorithms to your data

Import your own data from your lab or testbench and extract a mathematical model of your dynamical system.

  • Supports .csv and .xlsx files
  • Select identification options
  • Visualize all your results in one place

About Us

We are a Penn State team of students and faculty aiming at building a computationally tractable, robust and dynamic data-driven framework to address challenges associated with accurate modeling, forecasting and control of engineering systems under uncertainty. The work presented on this website falls under the research we are pursuing to construct reduced order non-parametric models from data and develop comprehensive means for dynamic data-driven modeling.